Field Trips

The UCA STEM Institute is excited to welcome field trips to campus to utilize materials and facilities. The use of our facilities and equipment is, and will remain, free to any pre-K-12 school. If the STEM Institute is leading activities, we charge a nominal fee per student in order to provide an honorarium for faculty who lead activities.

All field trips are subject to the following policies:
  • Field trips must be scheduled in coordination with the STEM Institute. Facility schedules vary semester to semester, as do faculty and staff availability. So a preferred day or time may or may not be available on a given semester.
  • In order to coordinate your visit, field trips must be scheduled at least a month in advance, more if possible.
  • If the STEM Institute is coordinating activities for students during the field trip, the school will be asked to pay $10 per student in order to provide an honorarium to faculty and staff who put in extra effort to plan, organize, and lead activities. If teachers wish to set up and lead activities themselves using STEM Institute materials, this fee is waived. 
  • We make every effort to accommodate most requests, but the Institute can support only a limited number of field trips each semester, especially during busy times of the year. We would love to work with you to organize a trip, but cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate every request.
  • Schools must provide a sufficient number of chaperones for the students attending the field trip. UCA faculty, staff, and students who may assist with activities or events cannot be counted as or considered chaperones for the trip.
  • Students will be asked to fill out a parent consent form and photo release form prior to attending.
  • If desired, the STEM Institute can help coordinate other campus activities during the visit, such as campus or facility tours.

To inquire about scheduling a field trip, please contact the STEM Institute directly at or 501-450-3426