Increasing Engagement Through Effective Teaching and Learning: Representations and Fluency

Central Arkansas K-12 math educators participating in “Increasing Engagement Through Effective Teaching and Learning:Representations and Fluency ” PD.  On Tuesday, June 26 UCA STEM Institute partnered with Arch Ford Cooperative to support teachers in their work with Fraction Concepts and connect their instructional practices  to NCTM’s Principles to Actions Essential Teaching and Learning Practices. Team solving the classic sand problem: ¾ of the sand went through a sand timer in 18 minutes. If the rest of the sand goes through at the same rate, how long does it take all the sand to go through the sand timer?

Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Girls of Promise Conference – 2018

The STEM institute participated in the 2018 Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Girls of Promise Conference on April 13th. Girls of Promise is an annual conference held in Little Rock, Arkansas for 150 eighth-grade girls from across the state designed to provide, equip, and empower those who attend to continue pursuing and exploring careers in STEM fields. A table of interactive components was displayed in our exhibit space where students actively participated as they explored different aspects of STEM careers.  Some of the favorite activities the girls explored together were electrical in nature, working with the Little Bits circuitry and Energy Sticks. They enjoyed competing to find solutions to a toothpick mathematical equation puzzle. The young ladies were eager to remind their teachers to check out classroom manipulatives at their local STEM Centers.

Women in STEM: ‘Change the World Like a Girl’

Although progress has been made for women in the STEM fields, more can be done to increase their presence.

MARY ADAMS WANTS YOU TO “Change the world like a girl.” Adams, the co-founder and program manager of Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative, is just one woman leading the way in the field of science, technology, engineering and math, also known as STEM.

Adams, along with other influential women leaders in STEM, spoke at the Bringing More Women into the Fold in STEM session during the U.S. News & World Report STEM Solutions: Workforce of Tomorrow conference in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

Excellence In Elementary School Science (EESS K-4) [COMPLETED]

Excellence in Elementary School Science (EESS)

Math and Science Partnership grant project

A Special Professional Development for K-4 Teachers – maximum of 30 teachers

The main goal of the project is to enhance teacher content knowledge and teaching skills that prepare students for success in the new science standards. The program proposes to offer teacher professional development science initiatives that will enhance learning progressions and support the coordination of the AR science standards, curriculum, instructional practices and multiple forms of assessment. The science initiatives will align with the comprehensive implementation plan developed by the state implementation team.

More information about the project and list of partners

 Location: University of Central Arkansas, Main Hall 214

Tentative Dates: Saturday meetings: January 21; Feb 4; March 11; May 6

Tentative Summer Institute: June 12-16; July 10-13

Teachers will receive:

  • 60 hrs of PD including 6 hrs of technology credit
  • Up to $1,800 ($150/day) stipend and $350 worth books and materials
  • Classroom support from UCA faculty

 Commitment from the teacher:

  • Attend 4 Saturdays of training during academic year
  • 9 days summer institute
  • Complete the required assignments
  • $100 registration fee
  • Pre/post assessment
  • Student data

Register on-line for the program: