Reynolds Performance Hall Ushering Volunteer Form

Reynolds Performance Hall needs volunteer ushers to serve during select shows throughout the semester.


  • For each show, the first twelve volunteers to respond will serve as ushers during that show. Two additional volunteers may be selected as needed.
  • Alternates will be contacted in the event of cancellations. (Note that no-shows without advance notice will lose volunteer eligibility.)
  • Volunteers will receive comp time for the hours they work (as well as free admission to a world-class performance)!
  • Full time volunteers must stay throughout the event; part time volunteers have the option to leave after a certain time, but may choose to stay and watch the rest of the performance (only the Full Time volunteers will receive the additional comp time).


  • Ushers are expected to wear business casual or nicer clothing. No jeans.
  • Ushers must be able to stand up consistently for 75 minutes.

About Staff Senate Volunteering

Volunteer positions with Reynolds Performance Hall (along with ushers for sports events) raise money for Staff Senate to use to benefit as many UCA staff members as possible through Staff Senate sponsored programs, including the Staff Emergency Fund, Staff Senate Scholarships, and Employee Recognition (Employee of the Quarter, Year, etc.).

Volunteer Form

Reynolds Usher Performance Volunteer Form

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  • Volunteers are selected on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. If a show becomes full, you will be contacted by a Reynolds Committee Co-Chair.

  • This is needed for the rare occasion that last minute changes are made and we need to contact you.
  • This is your UCA faculty/staff ID number. It can be found on your BearCard and is sometimes referred to as your "b" number.

    You can choose to volunteer for performances in two ways. Each performance needs at least 12 ushers; 6-8 must stay until the performance ends, and the rest can leave when the performance starts. The Staff Senate Reynolds Committee may also select 2 additional volunteers to serve as extra help if needed.

    All ushers must wear business casual clothing. No jeans, t-shirts, etc - no exceptions.

    All ushers must arrive 90 minutes before the show begins. Most shows begin at 7:30 PM (changes are indicated in lists below).
  • Volunteers who work until the BEGINNING of the performance will receive 2 hours of Staff Senate volunteer hours.
  • Volunteers who stay until the end of the performance will get the Staff Senate volunteer hours equal to the total time volunteered and will vary depending on performance length.

If you have questions, please email Reynolds Committee co-chairs, Dylan Richardson ( and Whit Ables (