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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  How many clinical specialists provide mentoring in the program?
A:  Academic and clinical faculty contributing to the Pediatric Residency Program include 9 pediatric certified specialists and 2 orthopedic certified specialists.

Q:  Which pediatric clinical environments are available through the residency program?
A:  Residents experience pediatric clinical practice across the spectrum of pediatric PT. Clinical practice opportunities are provided in varied acute and community settings including acute care, preschool, K-12 school environments, specialty clinics, and home health.

Q:  How long is the residency?
A: 12 months beginning mid to late August each year

Q:  Does the residency include employment?
A:  Yes. Residents are employed at Allied Therapy and Consulting Services or at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Q:  How is the employment facility determined?
A:  The Residency Advisory Committee determines resident placement based on previous experiences and resident strengths with resident preference considered in placement decisions.

Q:  Do Residents earn a salary and benefits?
A:  Yes. Residents earn a salary (approximately 75%) and are eligible for full time benefits during the residency.

Q:  Do you accept new graduates?
A:  Yes. Applicants may be new graduates or may be experienced clinicians wishing to advance expertise in pediatric physical therapy.

Q:  What costs are associated with the program?
A:  Residents are responsible for initial costs for tuition and fees for graduate courses during the residency, but are eligible for tuition reimbursement through employers. Other potential costs include textbooks, professional liability insurance, and the UCA Graduate Program admission fee.