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UCA Pediatric Physical Therapy – National Program of Excellence

UCA Pediatric Physical Therapy has been recognized as a national program of excellence in pediatric physical therapy education.

J G Moore, PT, PhD, M C Birkmeier, PT, DPT, H Lundeen, PT, DPT, L Dannemiller, PT, DSc, D K Anderson, PT, EdD, J A Furze, PT, DPT, National Study of Excellence in Pediatric Physical Therapy Education: Design, Methods, and Results, Physical Therapy, 2021;, pzab169, Abstract ahead of print.

The purposes of this study were to identify and describe the attributes of excellence and innovation in professional pediatric physical therapy education and develop a conceptual framework identifying dimensions of excellence. A conceptual framework was developed based on four key dimensions: Culture of Excellence, Exemplary Pediatric Faculty, Pedagogy, and Child and Family as Teacher (CFT), and 16 related elements. Results of this study are important to professional physical therapist education administrators, pediatric academic faculty, and clinical educators as they represent our understanding of the attributes of excellence. The model can serve as a guide for best practice in pediatric physical therapy education.