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Dr. Taylor Named DPT Program Coordinator

Dr. Garrison announced recently that David Taylor, PT, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Physical

Professional picture of Dr. David Taylor

Dr. David Taylor

Therapy will take on the role of Program Coordinator for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program beginning this fall semester.   Dr. Taylor received his PhD degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Central Arkansas. He completed a Master of Physical Therapy degree and a BS in Chemistry degree from Southwest Baptist University. In the Department of Physical Therapy, he teaches in the areas of physical agents, cardiopulmonary physical therapy, pathophysiology, therapeutic exercise, and research. He also mentors students in the PhD in Physical Therapy program and serves on PhD student committees.

In the year 2000, the first DPT students began the three-year program.  Today, the DPT Program accepts 60 students into each cohort.  In August of 2021, UCA graduated the 49th class of physical therapy students. The UCA program is the oldest and largest program in the state and recognized nationally.