Community Users

Torreyson Library welcomes members of the community to use the Library and its resources.


  • Most library databases can be accessed by community patrons on computers in the Library.
    • Printing from library computers costs 5¢ a page.
  • Off-campus access to databases is restricted to UCA students, faculty, and staff.


  • Library books and print resources can be used in the Library.
    • Scanners and copiers are available for those patrons wishing to copy selections for Library books and journals. Copying costs 5¢ a page.
  • If you are a Arkansas resident age 16 and over, you can apply for a Community User Library Card which allows patrons to borrow 10 library books at a time for 28 days. Please see our Community User Library Card page to apply. The Community User Library Card is not required if you already have one of the following:
    • a current UCA Alumni Association card
    • a current Hendrix ID
    • a current ARKLink card and your college or university ID

To Get Help

→For information on how to get started with your research, please see our How do I…page.
→If you need to contact us, please see our Ask Us page or call us at 501-450-5224.