Library Mission and Values


Torreyson Library, in alignment with UCA’s mission, fosters an environment of open inquiry by providing services, collections, and spaces that ensure equitable access to knowledge while building a community that values and practices a dialogue of reflective discovery and thoughtful use of information.


Torreyson Library is committed to upholding the universal right to information and knowledge and maintaining ethical practices in our work, interactions, and communications. Therefore, we proclaim the following as our Organizational Values.

Supportive Community

Torreyson Library creates a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment by providing resources and services that meet the needs of UCA and the community at large, with consideration for marginalized, underrecognized, and disenfranchised populations. We critically assess and reflect on our inherent biases and work to alleviate them wherever possible.

People-First Focus

Torreyson Library serves our community with empathy and appreciation for individual needs, talents, and challenges. We encourage communication, collaboration, and teamwork with internal and external partners.

Intellectual Curiosity

Torreyson Library is a community of learners that inspires the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and the ethical sharing of information with respect for privacy and academic freedom. We provide resources, services, and space to support critical thinking, educational achievement, and intellectual exploration and discovery.

Respect for Expertise

Torreyson Library celebrates the diverse knowledge and experience of its community and recognizes that everyone has an area of expertise. We work to create an environment where we can all learn from each other through open dialogue, and where everyone is valued and trusted.

Engaged Service

Torreyson Library provides quality service with a user-centered approach that is responsive, adaptive, accessible, and forward-thinking. We actively seek opportunities to develop resources and services that cultivate student success and academic achievement.