As part of the Faulkner County Survey Project, cemeteries listed in the 1990 publication of the Faulkner County Historical Society,  Arkansas Census of Cemeteries As of December 31, 1987 (out of print), are being revisited in order to be digitally mapped and inventoried. Where possible, subsurface electrical resistivity data are also collected in order to evaluate the possibility of unmarked burials within each cemetery. Data are integrated using ArcGIS 10 and exported to a KMZ file that can be opened using Google Earth or ArcGIS Earth. The KMZ file can be downloaded here and is updated as new cemeteries are added. Each Cemetery Report page contains a short write-up of the work at each cemetery, along with feature forms, an Excel inventory, and photographs.

Cemetery Reports:

Estep Cemetery (3FA345)
Woolly Cemetery (3FA346)
McNew Cemetery (3FA347)
Royster-Cross (3FA349)