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Welcome to the Journal of Undergraduate Research in Anthropology (JURA). The goal of the journal is to provide a forum for undergraduate students to publish research papers and final theses. JURA welcomes diversity in topics and approaches.

These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in humanities or social sciences
  • Natural sciences applied to anthropological themes
  • Consideration of an issue or theoretical position
  • Methodological reports or applied approaches

We invite undergraduate students in anthropology and related or associated disciplines to consider submitting their work for review.

The peer-reviewed journal is published online every summer (August) and is hosted by the Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA). Submissions must be received by May 15 to be considered for publication in the summer volume. All submissions should follow the JURA style guide.

Articles should not exceed 10,000 words in length, including references.

  • A Word file (.docx) containing the complete paper (with abstract, and figures)
  • OR a Word file containing the text, references, table and figure captions, with separate files of each figure and/or table.
    • Note: low resolution figures are permitted during the review process.
  • Excel file of tables is preferred.

Submissions and questions should be directed to the JURA Editor:

Dr. Eric Bowne