Anthropology Publications

Authored or Edited by Anthropology Faculty


Dr. Eric Bowne



Dr. Duncan P. McKinnon




2021 The Battle Mound Community: Interaction along the Red River and Throughout the Caddo Homeland.
In Reconsidering Mississippian Households and Communities,
edited by Liz Watts Malouchos and Alleen Betzenhauser,
pp. 50-62. University of Alabama Press.


2015 A Symbolic and Sacred Landscape: The Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
In The Hidden Diversity: Historical Archaeology in Arkansas,
edited by Carl G. Drexler,
pp. 45-56. University of Tennessee Press.


2012 Exploring Prehistoric Caddo Communities through Archaeogeophysics.
In The Archaeology of the Caddo,
edited by Timothy K. Perttula & Chester P. Walker,
pp. 177-208. University of Nebraska Press.



Dr. Alison Hall, Retired