Dr. Duncan P. McKinnon

Associate Professor of Anthropology & Director of the Jamie C. Brandon Center for Archaeological Research


Irby 308C

(501) 450-5477

Office Hours: By appointment


Educational Background

Ph.D. University of Arkansas

M.A. University of Arkansas

B.A. Texas State University-San Marcos


Specialty Fields

Landscape Archaeology

Archaeogeophysics/Terrestrial Remote Sensing

Southeastern Native American Archaeology and Culture

Caddo Archaeology and Culture

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Research Interests

Landscape and Settlement Patterning

Environmental and Humanistic Geography

GIS-based Geospatial Analyses

Native American Ritual and Religion

Southeastern Iconography and Cosmology

Visual and Public Archaeology

Early Arkansas and Ozark Euro-History

Scottish Ancestry and Genealogy


Current Projects

Distributional Characteristics of Caddo Material Culture and Iconography

Woodland Period Occupations in the Lower Illinois River Valley

Faulkner County Survey Project (Historical and Archaeological Resources)


Select Publications

McKinnon, Duncan P.
2021a Ceramic Variation as an Indicator of Interregional Interaction and Community. In Ancestral Caddo Ceramic Traditions, edited by Duncan P. McKinnon, Jeffery S. Girard, and Timothy K. Perttula. Louisiana State University Press.
2021b The Battle Mound Community: Interaction along the Red River and Throughout the Caddo Homeland. In Reconsidering Mississippian Households and Communities, edited by Liz Watts Malouchos and Alleen Betzenhauser. University of Alabama Press.
2017 The Battle Mound Landscape: Exploring Space, Place, and History of a Red River Caddo Community in Southwest Arkansas. Research Series No. 68. Arkansas Archeological Society, Fayetteville.
2015a Zoomorphic Effigy Pendants: An Examination of Style, Medium, and Distribution in the Caddo Homeland. Southeastern Archaeology 34(2):116-135.
2015b A Symbolic and Sacred Landscape: The Confederate Cemetery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In The Hidden Diversity: Historical Archaeology in Arkansas, edited by Carl G. Drexler, pp. 45-56. University of Tennessee Press.
2011 Foster Trailed-Incised: A GIS-Based Analysis of Caddo Ceramic Distribution. Caddo Archeology Journal 21:67-84.
2010a Continuing the Research: Archaeogeophysical Investigations at the Battle Mound Site (3LA1) in Lafayette County, Arkansas. Southeastern Archaeology 29(2):250-260.
2010b Summer 1948: A Summary of Excavations at Battle Mound (3LA1), a Premier Caddo Mound Site in the Great Bend Region of the Red River. Arkansas Archeologist 49:1-16.
2009 Exploring Settlement Patterning at a Premier Caddo Mound Site in the Red River Great Bend Region. Southeastern Archaeology 28(2):248-258.


McKinnon, Duncan P., and Bryan S. Haley (editors)
2017 Archaeological Remote Sensing in North America: Innovative Techniques for Anthropological Applications, edited by Duncan P. McKinnon and Bryan S. Haley. University of Alabama Press.


McKinnon, Duncan P., Jason L. King, Jane E. Buikstra, Taylor H. Thornton, and Jason T. Herrmann
2016 Returning to Kamp Mounds (11C12): Results from Geomagnetic Survey and High-Density Topographic Mapping in Calhoun County, Illinois. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 41(3):231-254.


McKinnon, Duncan P., Jeffrey S. Girard, and Timothy K. Perttula (editors)
2021 Ancestral Caddo Ceramic Traditions. Louisiana State University Press.