HRL Student Judicial Board

Housing and Residence Life Student Judicial Board
Anyone wishing to report an alleged incident of behavioral misconduct may make such report, in writing, to university housing staff, university police, or the Dean of Students Office. There are four committees and several hearing officers that hear allegations of violations of university policy; one of those committees is the Housing and Residence Life Judicial Board.

What is it-
UCA’s Housing and Residence Life Student Judicial Board is a board made up of students living in UCA Housing facilities. The board hears student cases of potential policy violations that occur within residential facilities and are non-suspendable in nature.

Following testimony from witnesses, the board carefully considers the potential policy violation and the facts of the incident. The members of the board then find the resident(s) either in violation or not in violation of a policy and, if necessary, decide upon sanctions to recommend to the Vice President for Student Services. The board is advised by the Housing and Residence Life Student Conduct Coordinator.

UCA’s Housing and Residence Life Student Judicial Board’s main purpose is one of education and development for students found in violation and for the board members. Board members are chosen to represent the student population living within the university’s housing facilities. The Board is responsible for setting and upholding the University’s standards of behavior. This student leadership position provides the opportunity to communicate with other students about the conduct system and promote a positive living and learning community within the on campus facilities.

Guiding Principles-
Education, Growth and Development, and Social Responsibility

Student Judicial Board members at University of Central Arkansas play an integral role in educating their peers about their rights and responsibilities as members of UCA and upholding community behavioral standards. The responsibilities of the Board members include:

  • Set aside personal and/or organizational perspective in order to establish accountability and maintain community standards
  • Participate in and support the application/interview/selection process
  • Attend scheduled meetings and scheduled conduct hearings
  • Share in the task of making challenging and difficult decisions that support the ethical and behavioral standards of the UCA community
  • Participate in and improve the conduct process as needs arise
  • Attend and be actively engaged in Student Judicial Board training and staff development



  • Currently enrolled as full-time UCA student (12 hours) at the time of your application
  • Must live in UCA Housing (either residence hall or apartment)
  • Have no prior serious judicial offenses (at the discretion of Student Conduct Coordinator) or pending conduct sanction at time of application
  • Must maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative GPA
  • May not be a member of any other UCA Judicial Boards (excluding Greek Judicial Board) or serve as a Resident Assistant


How to apply-
After verifying that a student meets all the qualifications listed above, they may complete the, Housing and Residence Life Student Judicial Board Application. This is available by contacting the Student Conduct Coordinator.

Board members are subject to training prior to becoming an official Housing and Residence Life Student Judicial Board member. The purpose of the training is to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully operate within UCA’s conduct system. Further Board member development occurs throughout the school year in an effort to further advance and develop the knowledge and leadership skills of the Board members.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Student Conduct Coordinator.