Bears Stay Purple

Re-Applying to live on campus is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

STEP 1:  APPLY FOR HOUSING! Begins FEBRUARY 1, 2022 at 12:00pm. Priority deadline is March 18!

Complete the “Returner Housing Application” and then match with roommates on myUCA > myHousing

You can review the 2022-2023 Housing Lease here.

NOTE:  This does NOT reserve a room for you.  You will need to participate in the “Pick a Room” process that begins in March in order to select a room for the 2022-2023 academic year.


:  PICK YOUR ROOM!  (See Full Schedule Below)

Pick YOUR ROOM on myUCA > myHousing

February 22-24 – Honors College Pick a Room Process

March 8-10 – Call “Dibs” on your SAME ROOM for next year – More DIBS INFO here

NOTE:  You cannot call “dibs” in a freshmen residence hall.  If you are eligible to participate in the “Dibs” process, you will receive an email by March 4th from Housing & Residence Life.  

March 11&14 – Dibs roommate pulls

Note: If you call dibs on your room, and your roommate does not, you will have the opportunity to pull someone into your room.  In order to do this we need you and your roommate to come email by March 14th. 

March 18 – Priority deadline for Returners to apply in order to get a timeslot for the Open Pick a Room Process

March 30-31 – Priority displaced Student Room Selection 

April 5-30Current Residents Pick Your Room! 

Note: If you have applied (Step 1) and you did not participate in the Dibs process, you will be emailed an assigned time to log on to myUCA>myHousing to select a room for the 2022-2023 academic year.

April 8 – Transfer Students Pick a Room Process

April 12 – Incoming Freshmen Pick a Room Begins!


STEP 3:  EAT! Set your meal plan by August 1st on myUCA>myHousing

NOTE: This process will begin in May after you have selected a room.

Move-In Weekend is August 20-21, 2022

NOTE:  The last date to cancel your 2022-2023 housing reservation and still receive your $100 deposit back is May 10, 2022.  You must cancel in writing to