Bears Stay Purple

STEP 1:  

Complete the “Returner Housing Application” and then match with roommates on myUCA > myHousing

NOTE: ALL roommates must fill out the 2019-2020 Returner Housing Application before you can match roommates or select a room.

March 1  –

All roommates involved need to log on to myUCA > Enter myHousing and 1) Fill out the Returner Housing Application, 2) select each other as roommates and 3) confirm each other as roommates.


Pick YOUR ROOM on myUCA > myHousing!



March 29 – Honors REAPP

April 1-3Returner “Dibs” Process

Love your room!? Don’t lose your room!! The Returner “Dibs” process allows you to select your SAME room (or HALL) whenever applicable for the following year.
– Same room, same bed process:
Bear Hall, New Hall, Donaghey Hall, Erbach, Oak Tree, Torreyson, Georgetown and Georgetown South, Elizabeth Place, Bear Village, Stadium Park
– Same hall process:
This process allows a percentage of freshmen living in Carmichael and Bernard to request to return.
If you are interested in returning to a Residential College, you will need to apply at

April 4

Dibs roommates did you dibs your room but your roomie moved on?  Today you can bring in your new bestie!  Bring your new roomie to our office 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM and we will get them into their new home for 2019-2020!

April 5

Priority students (online)

April 8  – April 10  –

All returners will be assigned a time to pick a room based on the time lived on campus and classification. Be sure to check your email!

April 11  –

Transfer Students

STEP 3:  


Beginning May 1 you can Log on to myUCA > myHousing to select your meal plan for 2019-2020.  You must set your meal plan prior to move-in day in August 2019.

STEP 4:  


Move-In Weekend is August 17-18, 2019

NOTE:  The last date to cancel your housing reservation and still receive your $100 deposit back is May 10.  You must cancel in writing to the Housing Office at




Have questions about the process?

February 26 

5:00pm in Short/Denney Hall

6:00pm in Bear Hall

7:00pm in Arkansas Hall

February 27 

5:00pm in New Hall

6:00pm in Carmichael Hall

7:00pm in State Hall

February 28

5:00pm in Hughes Hall

6:00pm in Baridon Hall



View these apartments before you choose where you want to live!

Bear Village

The Oaks (office at Torreyson)

Stadium Park

New Hall

Donaghey Hall


Tuesday, March 12th

Thursday, March 28th

4:30pm – 8:00pm