Resident Assistant

image; resident assistantPrimary Job Duties

  • Point of contact for all students in need
  • Serve on an on-call duty rotation
  • Policy enforcement and crises response
  • Intentional interactions with residents
  • Conducting safety and cleaning checks
  • Assist with complex openings and closings
  • Administrative paperwork
  • Hold office hours
  • Attend student staff trainings and departmental events
  • Respond to lockouts
  • Other duties as assigned

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum 2.50 semester and cumulative GPA. Must be a second-semester freshman at minimum. Must have lived on-campus for a minimum of one semester. Must be enrolled in 12 credit hours a semester (undergraduate) or 9 credit hours a semester (graduate student). Must be able to meet on Mondays at 8pm. Cannot work a second job. Cannot enroll in Summer 2 classes. Students that are student teaching, in clinicals, or participating in any other similar time-intensive activity that is required for their academic program are not eligible.


Rookie Resident Assistants are paid $4,483.71 and Veteran Resident Assistants are paid $4,583.70 over the course of the semester (based on current room and board rates with tax). All Resident Assistants are placed in a private room, which is billed at the double room rate. Resident Assistants receive the value of a Total Access Meal Plan and are allowed to choose any meal plan.