Programming Assistant

image; programming assistantPrimary Job Duties

  • Write/Develop Programming Bear Plans
  • Lead and implement monthly programming in your complex
  • Design and decorate your bulletin board every month
  • Responsible for complex CubConnect Portal
  • Post all flyers for the complex and remove old flyers/signs
  • Responsible for recruiting RHA Cubs for the complex
  • Hold 5 office hours per week
  • Attend student staff trainings and departmental events
  • Other duties as assigned


Eligibility Requirements

Minimum 2.50 semester and cumulative GPA. Must be a second-semester freshman at minimum. Must have lived on-campus for a minimum of one semester. Must be enrolled in 12 credit hours a semester (undergraduate) or 9 credit hours a semester (graduate student). Must be able to meet on Mondays at 8pm. Cannot enroll in Summer 2 classes.


Programming Assistants are paid $11 per hour with a 10 hours per week maximum. All Programming Assistants are placed in a private room, which is billed at the double room rate.