STEM Residential College at Hughes Hall

STEM Residential College at Hughes Hall provides community style living in double occupancy rooms. Enjoy the contemporary comfort of a recently remodeled building.

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Why Choose STEM@Hughes Hall Residential College?

STEM@Hughes attracts students with majors related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  From physics to pre-med, students living in Hughes Hall are launched into opportunities for undergraduate research and community service.  The STEM@Hughes Community is connected by a love of science and technology.

Included in Each Room
2 beds, desks with chairs, chest of drawers, and closets. Vanity (sink/mirror). Cable TV service, Internet access, and air conditioning/heating is also available.

Included in the Building
24-hour kitchen, vending machines, furnished lobby, book nooks, classroom, laundry facilities, and ice machine, card access system, and study lounges.

Important Dimensions (in feet)
Room: 12.5′ W x 13.75′ L
Window: 3.4′ W x 4.6′ L
Mattress: 3′ W x 6.3′ L

More Information
Please contact the Department of Learning Communities at for more information about our academic program.


Length Width Height
Floor/Window Dimensions
Wall A 15ft 8ft 3in
Wall B 13ft 11ft 10in
Wall C 15ft 10ft 9in
Sink to Wall A 3ft 5in
Sink to Floor 29in
Closet to Wall B 2ft
Wall space between windows 52in
Bottom of window to floor 2ft 11in
Window Dimensions 4ft 7in 3ft 6in 6in
Closet Dimensions
Closet Doors 6ft 7in 30in 4cm
Inside of closet 79in 38in
Closet shelf (if applicable) 3ft 1ft 5in
Bed Dimensions
Mattress 78in 3ft 2in 6in
Bed Frame 37in 85in 10cm
Pole on Bed Frame 37in 3.5in 3.5in
Dresser Dimensions 3f 3in 31in 2ft 1in
Drawer Dimensions 8.5 in 29in 18in
Desk Dimensions 2ft 7in 49in
Countertop 25in 49in
End of desk to drawers 33in
Drawers 1ft 7in 15in 8in 6cm
Chair 33in 21in
Sink Dimensions 1 ft 6in 21in 11in


Hughes Hall Floor One

Hughes Hall Floor Two

Hughes Hall Floor Three