Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for housing?

The UCA Housing application is now online!

To apply:
1. Log into myUCA. (
2. Click the tab at the top labeled “MyUCA.”
3. Click the button that says “myHousing.”
4. Select the appropriate UCA Housing application from the drop-down menu.
5. Follow the application instructions presented to you on the website.
6. Pay the $100 deposit.

Where can I find the Application?

The Housing application and Lease can be found on – Once you are admitted to UCA, you will be given a login and password for myUCA.

How can I pay the $100.00 Deposit?

Housing deposits are due by April 1. You will pay the deposit as a part of the application process in the 2024 – 2025 Housing application on

How do I select my room?

Freshmen will be assigned a room based on the room preferences and roommate information included in the Housing application.  If you apply by April 1, you will receive your housing assignment to your cub email by May 1.

Is there a deadline to apply?

There is not a deadline for applying but we encourage you to apply early so that we have opportunities to meet your needs.

Freshmen Applying for Fall 2024
October 1st 2022 – April 1, 2024

What is a housing lease?

Just like a lease for an off campus apartment, the housing lease lists the terms and conditions of the agreement. You must sign an academic year lease in order to live on campus. The lease covers the entire academic year not just the semester under which it was submitted. We strongly suggest that you read your lease completely and make sure you understand all terms, conditions, and penalties prior to signing your lease.

What does the housing deposit do?

The deposit acts as a guarantee that you will have a room and insures you against damages up to $100.00.

Will I get the deposit back?

New Students applying for housing: If you decide not to attend UCA or live in campus housing, you can receive a refund of your deposit if you send written cancellation notification of your housing reservation to our office before May 10.

Simply withdrawing from UCA does not automatically cancel your housing reservation.  It is important that you notify our office in writing prior to May 10th to receive the full $100.00 refund.  You must cancel in writing before July 10th to receive a $50.00 refund.  If you cancel after July 10th, your deposit will be forfeited.  If you do not cancel by August 15th and you have signed your lease, you will be charged the $425 lease buy out fee in addition to forfeiting your deposit.

Current Students already in housing: If you are leaving at any time during your lease period you will NOT get your deposit back. If you are leaving housing at the end of the academic year, you will get your deposit back provided you are not returning to housing, you do not have any damages, and you have checked out properly with your Resident Assistant.

When will I find out my room assignment?

Freshmen Applying for Fall 2024
If you apply by April 1, you will know your assignment by May 1.

If I don’t like my residence hall, roommate, or room can I change?

Yes, you may change rooms when or if spaces are available. Room changes take place after the first two weeks of classes. If you are interested in a room change please visit the Housing Office in Bernard Hall Suite 201 to apply for the change.

What happens if my roommate never moves in?

You have three options:

– You may find another student to move in with you.
– You may move into a room with another resident within another facility.
– You may be able to keep your room as a single room provided there are enough rooms for all students for an upgrade fee.

Is it a good idea for me to talk to my roommate before I move in?

YES! Conversing with your roommate whether by phone, social media, or email is a great idea. It lets you get to know the person and also provides a way for you to decide who is bringing what.

Can I decorate my room?

Your room is your home, at least for nine months, so you can decorate within reason. Plants, carpets, rugs, posters, fish in small aquariums, are all acceptable. Keep in mind that the furniture must remain in the room and is not to be removed for any reason.