Dibs Returner Process – Reclaim your Room!

The DIBs process allows current residents the chance to stay where they are for the next year. Claim the SAME ROOM for the next academic year. The dibs process is allowed in many of our upperclassmen housing options.

The following complexes/buildings are eligible to reclaim your space for the following year:

New Hall
Donaghey Hall
Bear Village buildings 6-9
Stadium Park buildings 1-6
Erbach Apartments
Oak Tree Apartments
Torreyson Apartments

If you are not eligible for dibs, you will receive an email from Housing to let you know about the Priority Room Selection process.

To reclaim your room follow these steps:

– Complete the Housing application for the upcoming academic year in your My.uca.edu -> MyHousing Channel
– Select the “‘Same Room’ Dibs Selection” button along the top of the page
– Select the Fall term
– Confirm that your room is the room listed on your page and press “Select Your Old Bed”
– If you reach the confirmation page you are all set!

If you would like to request a specific roommate or suitemate, you and the selected roommate will need to email housing@uca.edu with your name, ID numbers, and where you are staying.