HPaW Residential College in Baridon Hall

HPaW@Baridon provides a suite style living environment. It is reserved for freshman and sophomore students.

Baridon Hall is home of the HPaW Residential College.

Why Choose HPaW@Baridon Hall?
Short for Health Promotion and Wellness, HPaW helps students planning future careers in the health and behavioral sciences.  HPaW@Baridon residents are like family, supporting and befriending everyone living here.

Included in Each Room
2 beds, desks with chair, chest of drawers, two loveseats, and closets. All furniture is movable.  Internet access, and air conditioning/heating is also available.

Included in the Building
24-hour kitchen and vending machines, wheelchair accessible, furnished lobby, landscaped courtyard, card-access system, laundry facilities, television, HPaW classroom and fitness classroom with trek desks, and a multi-purpose room.

Important Dimensions (in feet)
Room: 11.5′ W x 12.5′ L
Window: 3.3′ W x 6′ L
Mattress: 3′ W x 6.3′ L

More Information
Please contact the Department of Learning Communities at residentialcolleges@uca.edu for more information about our academic program.

Length Width Height
Floor/Window Dimensions
Living Room: Wall A 12′ 10-11′
Living Room: Wall B 10.5′ 10-11′
Living Room: Wall C 100′ 100′
Living Room: Wall D 11′ 10-11′
Bedroom: Wall A 15.4′ 10-11′
Bedroom: Wall B 11′ 10-11′
Bedroom: Wall C 12′ 10-11′
Wall space between windows 41” 10-11′
Bottom of window to floor 32″
Window Dimensions 39″ 71″
Closet Dimensions
Closet Doors 30″ 64″
Inside of closet 43″ 7″ 5″
Closet shelf (if applicable)
Above closet storage
Bed Dimensions
Bed Frame 82″ 39″
Head Board on Bed Frame 2.5′ 2.5′ 3′
Lofted Bed Frame 92″ 96″ 15.02′
Dresser Dimensions 2′-7″ 2′ 3′-2″
Drawer Dimensions 2-5″ 19″ 7.5″
Desk Dimensions
Countertop 4′ 2′ 5″
End of desk to drawers 82″
Drawers 35″ 49″ 29″



Baridon Hall Floor One

Baridon Hall Floor Two

Baridon Hall Floor Three