University Scholars Program Learning Objectives


The University Scholars Program has these goals for student development:

  • Social Responsibility–addressing social and environmental challenges and finding ethical solutions, a process that culminates in individual and collective interventions;
  • Expertise–practicing communication and inquiry, a process that culminates in academic research, writing, and oral presentation; and
  • Leadership–engaging as citizen-scholars exercising informed judgment and an ability to collaborate, a process that culminates in the capacity to guide social change for the common good.

Learning Objectives

Social Responsibility Objectives

  • Ethics: The ability to address real-world problems and find ethical solutions for individuals and society.
  • Diversity: The ability to analyze familiar cultural assumptions in the context of the world’s diverse values, traditions, and belief systems as well as to analyze the major ideas, techniques, and processes that inform creative works within different cultural and historical contexts.
  • Personal and Social Responsibility: The ability to take informed and responsible action to address ethical, social, and environmental challenges and evaluate the local and broader consequences of individual and collective interventions.

Expertise Objectives

  • Critical Inquiry: The ability to analyze new problems and situations to formulate informed opinions and conclusions.
  • Information Literacy: The ability to communicate, organize, and synthesize information from diverse and appropriate sources to form a clear and articulate argument.
  • Disciplinary Expertise: The ability to articulate a relevant research or creative agenda, to develop clear research questions or goals, and identify and demonstrate appropriate methodologies in a project of one’s own design.

Leadership Objectives

  • Collaboration: The ability to develop and present ideas logically and effectively in order to enhance collaboration with diverse individuals and groups.
  • Written and Oral Communication: The ability to develop and present ideas logically and effectively in order to enhance communication with diverse individuals and groups.