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Welcome to the University of Central Arkansas University Scholars Program!

The University Scholars Program is UCA’s newest honors program, but students are already taking part in this specially designed curriculum that allows students to take a deeper dive into their areas of academic interest. The University Scholars Program offers scholarship incentives plus a private room upgrade, together valued at nearly $13,000 in scholarships on top of the student’s academic scholarship, for every student admitted. All Honors students are given the opportunity to live in Farris Honors Hall, featuring private rooms arranged in suites.

The curriculum for the University Scholars Program was developed by a team of faculty from across all academic colleges at UCA. Students will participate in a specially designed curriculum that focuses on developing skills in the areas of personal and social responsibility as well as disciplinary expertise and leadership, while maintaining your freedom to pursue any major. We believe the skills you will get out of this program are the type of cutting-edge skills that you need to prepare you for graduate school and your future profession.

There will be a common course in the fall of the freshman year entitled “On Expertise: The Necessity of Scholarship and Leadership” that all participants will take, and then, each remaining semester in the freshman and sophomore years, you will have the opportunity to take honors-sections of university core courses that will have smaller enrollments, be discussion-based, and will focus on developing a specialized skill set. In the junior and senior year, you will complete an honor capstone project rooted in undergraduate research or creative work.

The University Scholars Program uses a holistic admission process that factors in academic performance, motivation, and quality of writing. The only minimum requirements to apply are a 3.5 HS GPA and full admission to the university. To apply to the University Scholars Program, please use our secure online application form linked below and submit all materials on or before the January deadline. Once you have begun the application, you can monitor your status through our secure, web-based information system, and once registered will be able to save your in-process application and return to complete it at any time. If you do not remember you username or password, use the reset password feature at and an email will be sent to you containing your username. Email us at if you have any questions. Our office hosts informational meetings every Monday through Friday at noon on days the campus is open in the fall. You can schedule these meetings when scheduling your campus tour.



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