Minor in Gerontology

The minor in Gerontology requires the completion of 21 credit hours in approved courses.  The minor offers an interdisciplinary perspective of the study of the aged and the aging process and is designed for students with a general interest in aging or those considering a career which involves working with the aging.

Minor Requirements – 21 Hours

Core Courses – 15 Hours Minimum

HED    2310    Introduction to Gerontology

HED    4310    Health Concerns of Aging

SOC    4331    Social Gerontology

HED    4390    Directed Independent Study

And choose one course from the following:

SOC    3381     Death and Dying

PSY     3360     Social Psychology

PSY     4352     Adult Psychology

Electives – 6 Hours Minimum

HSC     3123    Medical Terminology

HED     4331    Program Planning and Evaluation

HED     4343    Health Strategies for Multicultural Populations

BIOL    4351    General Pharmacology

SOC     4334     Medical Sociology

Other electives may be approved by prior consultation with the Gerontology program advisor or the Department Chair.