Minor in Addiction Studies – Treatment Track

A  Minor in Addiction Studies is appropriate for anyone entering a human  services field, which would include psychology and counseling,  sociology, or any of the health professions.  Students graduating with a  minor in addiction studies would be qualified for entry level  addictions treatment positions in residential substance abuse treatment  facilities, outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities, the  Arkansas Department of Community Correction Drug Court system, and the  Arkansas Department of Correction.

The 18 hour minor in Addiction Studies consists of the following required courses:
HSC    2310  Addiction Counseling:  Theory and Practice
HSC    2320  Addictions:  Assessment, Intervention and Treatment Planning
HSC    2330  Etiology and Epidemiology of Addiction
HSC    3310  Group Counseling Skills
HSC    3320  Legal and Ethical Issues in Addictions
HSC    3330  Family Systems and Addiction

Electives (should they be necessary) may be chosen from the following courses:
HED 2320 Mental Health
HED 3315 Theory and Practice of Prevention
HED 4312 Drug Education