Emily Lane, PhD(c), MFA

Adjunct Instructor


Mashburn 121

(501) 852-0912

Ms. Lane is an adjunct instructor in the department of Health Sciences at UCA, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level environmental health courses. She received an MFA from UCA in 2010 and spent the next several years documenting environmental health problems in the state through film; presenting at local, state, and national conferences and venues; and serving on boards for local nonprofit groups working on environmental and public health problems. Currently, Ms. Lane is pursuing a PhD in Leadership Studies at UCA, focusing her research on environmental justice leadership. She also serves the university as the Project Director for the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission evaluations, which is co-administered through the Health Sciences and Leadership Studies departments. In addition to these responsibilities, Ms. Lane serves as the 2020 chair of the Poverty Studies Working Group Steering Committee at UCA, which aims to act as a communication and service hub that orchestrates and highlights various conferences, lectures, and educational opportunities on poverty-related issues for UCA faculty, staff, students, and the larger central Arkansas area.

Research interests:

  • Identifying environmental injustice using geospatial methods
  • Environmental justice leadership
  • Public health leadership