Film Major

Bachelor of Arts

The degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in Film requires the successful completion of 120 hours, including (1) the UCA Core: complete 38 hours to meet lower-division UCA Core requirements and complete upper-division UCA Core requirements using designated courses; (2) the core courses FILM 1305 and FILM 1310; (3) major requirements, electives, and related course requirements as described below; and (4) a minor as arranged through the student’s minor advisor.

Mathematics Pathway: First-time, first-year students majoring in Film enter the Quantitative Literacy Mathematics Pathway and must enroll in MATH 1360 during their first year of study, unless they have been awarded credit that completes their 1000-level math requirements.

Major in Film (44 hours)

Undergraduate Core courses are used to satisfy the lower-division UCA Core requirement in Diversity, Critical Inquiry, Responsible Living, and Effective Communication, and FILM courses are used to satisfy the upper-division UCA Core requirements in Diversity, Critical Inquiry, Responsible Living, and Effective Communication. Students will take FILM 4357 Film Production 4 as the required UCA Core capstone.

Required courses (32 hours)

  • FILM 1305 Introduction to Film
  • FILM 1310 Introduction to Visual Storytelling
  • FILM 2310 Script Analysis
  • FILM 2466 Film Production 1
  • FILM 3350 Cinema History 1
  • FILM 3351 Cinema History 2 [UD UCA Core: D]
  • FILM 3456 Film Production 2
  • FILM 4315 Film Theory [UD UCA Core: I, R]
  • FILM 4356 Film Production 3 [UD UCA Core: C]
  • FILM 4357 Film Production 4 [UD UCA Core: Z]

Electives (12 hours, chosen from the following)

  • FILM 3321 Internship (120 clock hours)
  • FILM 3322 Directed Study in Film Production
  • FILM 4305 Production Design
  • FILM 4311 Cinematography
  • FILM 4312 Cinematic Lighting
  • FILM 4320 Film Editing
  • FILM 4340 Directing the Motion Picture
  • FILM 4354 Animation for Visual Effects
  • FILM 4355 Visual Effects Compositing
  • FILM 4363 Audio Production and Design for Film
  • FILM 4373 Documentary Production
  • FILM 4375 Experimental Film Production
  • FILM 4380 Seminar in Film Studies
  • FILM 4V92 Topics in Film Production (Producing, Directing, etc.)
  • THEA 1370 Acting I
  • THEA 2320 Stage Make-Up
  • THEA 3310 Costume Design
  • THEA 3332 Stage Lighting
  • THEA 4311 Stage Combat
  • THEA 4340 Scene Design
  • CRWR 3320 Forms of Screenwriting
  • CRWR 3376 Screenwriting Workshop

Related Course Requirement

Students must complete a three-credit-hour foreign language course at the 2000-level or above as well as all course prerequisites. Students with prior experience in a language are strongly encouraged to take the departmental placement test before enrolling in their first course. See Placement and Credit by Examination in the School of Language and Literature section of this bulletin. Note: CSD 2303 Basic Sign Language, CSD 4303 Intermediate Sign Language, and transferred Guided/Extended Study (i.e., correspondence) courses will not be accepted in fulfillment of the foreign language requirement.