Film BA

Thanks for looking at the UCA Film program. We’re very proud of our program at UCA, and our students know it. Our facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to students with the desire and passion to make films.

Our undergraduate program is designed around a core set of courses that teach visual storytelling, using video and audio to draw audiences into the worlds our students create.  Students work to craft original, well-structured stories, with compelling characters and conflicts.

The Film Program is the only one like it in the state of Arkansas. The program strongly emphasizes narrative visual storytelling and students learn the technical aspects of digital production, including computer based pre-production and pre-visualization, digital cinematography, and computer based editing, effects, and sound design.

Make sure and look at the list of courses we offer – beyond our foundation “Filmmaking” courses, we offer plenty of electives that allow you to follow your interests, including visual effects compositing, animation, editing, set design, documentary, and audio, along with a “topics” course that lets us teach other subjects, like directing, cinematography, feature filmmaking, etc. Our graduates leave the program knowing the ins and outs of filmmaking, ready to pursue work in the motion picture industry, on the internet, and in computer gaming software industries.

Given the continued growth of media outlets (movie theater, TV, Internet) professionals that have the ability to use this cutting-edge technology, as well as the ability to create original content to fill these outlets, will be be in high demand.

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