SPARC Annual Report 2012

Annual Report of the

Strategic Planning and Resource Council

Nancy B. Reese, Chair

October 1, 2012

In Spring 2012, UCA began the process of developing a strategic plan to guide the university

over the next four years. Under the leadership of Dr. Michael Schaefer and with the guidance of

consultant Dr. David McFarland, the Strategic Planning and Resource Council and its associated

task forces drafted the following documents: Planning Assumptions, Driving Forces,

Institutional Distinctiveness, Vision, Mission, and Core Values. Six strategic goals were

developed by the entire university community in Fall 2010. During the following months,

meetings and forums were held to develop specific initiatives aimed at advancing the strategic

goals. By May 2011, the complete Strategic Plan (Mission, Vision, Core Values, Six Strategic

Goals, and one to three Initiatives per goal) had been approved by the entire university

community and the UCA Board of Trustees.

To ensure ongoing monitoring, review, and revision of the strategic plan, the Strategic Planning

and Resource Council (SPARC) was restructured in April 2012 to create a SPARC Executive

Committee, a Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and a Strategic Budgeting Advisory

Committee (SBAC) with a single Chair serving all three committees. This structure was

designed to provide stronger integration between the budget and the strategic plan with a

resultant increased emphasis on accomplishment of the strategic goals of the university. As the

coordinating body between the Strategic Planning and Strategic Budgeting Advisory Committees,

SPARC is charged with providing a summary report of all three committees on an annual basis.

This document and its appendices constitute that report.

Strategic Planning and Resource Council Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of SPARC is composed of the following members:

Nancy B. Reese, SPARC Chair

Kevin Browne, President Faculty Senate

Stephanie McBrayer, President Staff Senate

Spencer Sims, President Student Government Association

The SPARC Executive Committee has held three meetings this fall and is currently meeting

twice per month – the 1st Friday of each month at 8:00 am, and the 4th Tuesday of each month at

x-period. Work of the committee has centered around developing processes for reporting

progress on and updating the UCA Strategic Plan, production and timing of the Institutional

Report Card (IRC), coordinating the strategic planning and budgeting processes, and

communicating the strategic plan to the campus community. A list of key tasks and deadlines

for the coming year for the SPARC, SPC, and SBAC is provided in Appendix 1.

Strategic Planning Committee

History and Charge

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was created in April 2012 with the restructuring of

SPARC and was constituted in early Fall 2012. A membership list of this committee is provided

in Appendix 2. The committee is charged with 1) collaborating with the Strategic Budgeting

Advisory Committee, 2) making recommendations concerning the implementation of the

strategic plan initiatives for the next fiscal year, in addition to a five-year period, 3) conducting

studies and making inquiries related to the strategic plan and mission of the university, and 4)

presenting concerns to the president and the university campus as a whole.


Although the SPC just began its work in Fall 2012, its first task, that of assessing progress

toward the strategic plan, has been completed. The UCA Strategic Plan Progress Report for

Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 is provided in Appendix 3. In addition, the Strategic Planning Committee

has recommended changes in the Goals and Objectives of the Strategic Plan for FY 2013 – 2017

(Appendix 4). These recommendations have been widely distributed across campus for input

from various constituencies (Faculty and Staff Senates, Student Government Association,

Council of Deans, President and Executive Staff, Academic Council). Once the final version of

the Goals and Objectives for 2013-2017 has been approved, it will be forwarded to the UCA

board of Trustees for consideration.

Planning for 2012-13

As noted in the report of the SPARC Executive Committee, Appendix 1 provides a complete list

of the planned activities of the SPC as well as those of the SBAC and of SPARC. Also

contained in the table are deadlines and a summary of results for completed activities. Of

significant note are two items:

• Publication of the Institutional Report Card (IRC) in late Fall 2012. The IRC will

provide a summary of UCA’s performance on key performance indicators (KPIs) during

the preceding fiscal year. The SPC has a significant role to play in the production of the

IRC, as a summary of progress toward the strategic plan also will be included.

• Coordination of university wide meetings and forums in Spring 2013. These meetings

will occur for the purpose of soliciting input from the university community regarding

any revisions needed in the strategic plan for FY 2015.

Strategic Budgeting Advisory Committee

The report beginning on the following page was developed by Dr. Janet Wilson, Chair of the

Budget Advisory Committee for 2011-12 and approved by the committee at its April meeting.

Budget Advisory Committee

Annual Report to the Faculty Senate, 2011-2012

Janet Wilson, Chair

April 12, 2012

Charge: a. To review changes and updates to the university budget.

b. To conduct studies and make inquiries related to university revenues, university

expenditures, and the general allocation of university funds.

c. To present concerns and recommendations to the president.

A number of changes were instituted this year in an effort to increase shared governance and

communication regarding changes to the university’s budget. Of particular focus was the linking

of new funding requests with the Strategic Plan and responding to budget-related concerns found

in the Higher Learning Commission’s 2010 report. A summary of key activities are provided


• Regularly reviewed UCA’s Cash Position and Operating Summary reports

• Reviewed written and oral presentations by unit heads of new funding requests that were

tied to the Strategic Plan

• Prioritized new funding requests for FY 13

• Approved memo of prioritized funding requests for FY 13 that was sent to President

Courtway and the campus

• Reviewed written and oral presentations from both faculty and staff salary review


• Prioritized salary requests relative to new funding requests for FY 13

• Approved memo of prioritized salary requests for FY 13 that was sent to President

Courtway and the campus

• Approved memo of multi-year budget requests that was sent to President Courtway and

the campus

• Reviewed and made suggestions regarding a timeline that will allow for an assessment of

funding needs, presentation of new funding and salary requests, deliberation by

committee members, creation of recommendations, funding decision-making by

administrators, and deliberations/decision-making by Board of Trustee members (see

Appendix 5)

• Reviewed and made suggestions regarding the reorganization of the Strategic Planning

and Resource Council (SPARC): Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and Strategic

Budgeting Advisory Committee (SBAC)

• Chair of the BAC and Faculty Senate President participated in the first ever Board of

Trustees FY 13 Budget Workshop on April 2, 2012

It is expected that on May 4, 2012, the Board of Trustees will approve the reorganization of

SPARC thus institutionalizing the link between the Strategic Plan and the budgeting process.

This change also provides a better balance between faculty/staff representatives on the

committee. Finally, by identifying a tenured faculty member as Chair for a three year period,

providing them with a course reduction each term, and identifying an incoming Chair in the

SPARC Chair’s third year of service, we are better able to provide for consistent leadership in

the position. See Appendix 6 for a copy of SPARC: SPC & SBAC.