Writing Major and Minors, Track 1:  Professional Writing; Track 2:  Writing Studies

Writing majors may choose from two tracks:  Writing Studies or Professional Writing.

Track 1: Professional Writing (PW), Major & Minor

Professional Writing, or Track 1 of the Writing major and minor, gives students practical and theoretical experience as writers working to get things done. Whether planning and designing digital or print-based projects or contributing to and curating knowledge for diverse social media platforms, professional writers design information for use and accessibility. Professional writers produce websites and blogs, training manuals and infographics, reports, proposals, and white papers, among numerous other workplace genres, projects, and products. Students following this path often pursue futures in industry, government, or non-profit sectors. Recent graduates of this track have worked as writers and curators of niche content for companies across Central Arkansas and Greater Little Rock.

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Professional Writing Contract and Portfolio Instructions

The Professional Writing track is designed to give students theoretical and practical experience in developing communication that works, that is to say, communication that people use (to make decisions, to get work done, to get information, etc.) such as social media, Web sites, white papers, training materials, reports, and proposals for a 21st century audience.

Track 2: Writing Studies, Major & Minor

The Writing Studies track offers a breadth of experience in rhetoric, composition, professional writing, creative writing, and linguistics. While pursuing an interdisciplinary understanding of these many areas, students will enhance their writing skills in a range of academic, and creative writing genres. Writing studies majors and minors will study the diverse purposes and practices of textual production and the different social and cultural contexts of writing. Students in the Writing Studies track value the diverse purposes and practices of textual production, whether through rhetorical analysis, creative exploration, or multimodal compositions and presentations.

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Writing Studies Contract and Portfolio Instructions