Courses in the program teach students how to effectively gather, analyze, synthesize, and present information to audiences in meaningful and engaging ways. The program focuses on theories, concepts, and best practices in verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as using different forms of media to inform, educate, and persuade audiences across various contexts and cultures. 

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Minor (21 hours)
  • Program Coordinator: Dr. JJ McIntyre




Glenn D. Smith Outstanding Student in Communication Award 

Dr. Glenn D. Smith served as professor and chairman in the former UCA Department of Speech and Theatre Arts.

2021-22            Gregory Warren

2020-21            Jamaal Lockings

2019-20            Marco Ramirez

2018-19            Dalton Cook

2017-18            Daniel Strain

2016-17            Isabella Ragni

2015-16            Joanna Averill

2014-15            Morgan Shipman

2013-14            Molly Clayborn

2012-13           Bethany L. Miller

Lambda Pi Eta Mu Theta Chapter University of Central Arkansas Member of the Year

2015-16            Victoria Hittle

2014-15            Ashley Bronson

2013-14            Yao Li

2012-13            Noah Paty

2011-12            NONE

2010-11            Hayley H. Himstedt

2009-10            Dapple G. Eoff

2008-09            Tessa L. Richey

2007-08            Ginny E. Moss

2006-07            John H. Morris

2005-06            Melissa A. Abney

2004-05            Janey E. Butler

2003-04            Amy R. Wallace

2002-03            Robin R. Richardson


Apply here for scholarship listed below. 

  • AARON B. MACKEY SCHOLARSHIP — For full-time African-American students who have been accepted into the athletic or communication programs at UCA. Requires a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above and ACT of 18 or above. Consideration may be given to financial need.