General Business (BBA)

If you are unsure which area of business might be the best fit for you, or you would like a broad business background, General Business is for you. This is one of the few degrees in the College of Business that is totally online! It may also be completed in a traditional, in-class format.  The General Business major is the College of Business interdisciplinary major.  This major is designed for students who desire a breadth of knowledge in various disciplines, rather than taking courses in only one discipline, as would be required of traditional business majors (e.g., Accounting, Finance, MIS, etc.).  This versatility allows students to choose their own degree plan, to take the eight courses that are important for their education.  One of the potential circumstances in which this degree could be useful is for students taking over some business, and courses in Accounting, Insurance, Finance, Marketing, technology, and/or Management would be helpful.  This degree also could be useful for students who start down one degree path and wish to change for whatever reason.  Additional information may be found in this flyer.

Like all business majors, General Business majors must take all foundation and core business courses. But for the eight courses required in one’s major, General Business majors may select any upper division course (3000 level or higher) in any of the core business disciplines: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Insurance/Risk Management, Management, Marketing, or MIS. The only requirement in this selection is that the student must select at least one course in at least three different disciplines. Students may select one course in two disciplines and six courses in a third, or any other combination so long as the requirement for at least one course in three different disciplines is met. For those desiring an all-online format, there are currently over 20 upper-division courses in various disciplines that will count for the eight required courses — so there are plenty of options!

  • UCA Core (general education) – 38 hours
  • Business Foundation – 30 hours
  • Business Core – 18 hours
  • General Business courses (for major) – 24 hours
    [must include 3+ disciplines]