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Data Analytics (Graduate Certificate)

There are two graduate programs available in data analytics, the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics (GC-DA) and the MS in Applied Data Analytics. Both of these programs prepare graduates for employment in managing, using, and exploiting data in organizations to enhance decision-making. These programs are particularly useful for individuals who wish to shift careers or add to their repertoire of current skills. Such skills are useful in almost every area of business, including accounting, management, marketing, finance, etc. The effective management of data has become increasingly important in organizations, as companies gather more and more data and use it for strategic purposes. Using this data for better decision-making remains a primary goal of data analytics. Effectively using data requires expertise in a number of areas, including data management and cleansing, descriptive/predictive/prescriptive analytics, advanced statistics, and data mining, to name a few. While in small organizations, an analyst may need skills in many areas, in larger companies’ employees typically focus on particular areas.

The Graduate Certificate and MS in Applied Data Analytics provide a solid foundation for work in the technical field of analytics. The Masters degree provides foundational work in all the common skill areas of data analytics, while the Graduate Certificate focuses on select areas, depending on which electives are chosen. Either degree is useful for providing the skills necessary for work, though the MS degree provides more employment choices for students, given that it includes skills in many areas of analytics.

To earn the GC in Data Analytics, the student must complete twelve (12) hours of graduate-level course work, as specified below. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required.

Prerequisite Course (3 credit hours)
QMTH 2330 Business Statistics

Take the following two courses (6 hours)
MIS 5380 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
MIS 5381 Data Mining and Applied Analytics

Take two of the following five courses (6 hours)
MIS 5320 Critical Thinking and Experimental Design
MIS 5330 Prescriptive Analytics
MIS 6325 Predictive Analytics
MIS 6335 Python for Data Analytics
MIS 6365 Data Warehousing and Data Management