Cybersecurity Management (BS)

The Cybersecurity Management degree is designed to prepare students to work as technical experts in assessing, preventing, and overseeing cyber threats. It focuses attention on managing and leading an organization’s cybersecurity posture, from handling vulnerabilities, assessing risk, training, application of global and US standards, attack response and recovery. It is technical in nature and includes significant hardware and software security instruction, including cryptography, forensics, and network/internet security. But the degree also focuses on understanding the political, ethical, and strategic management of systems and individuals, including legal ramifications.

This degree, while technical, differs from the Cybersecurity (BS) degree in Computer Science. That degree is more technical, particularly with respect to computer software and hardware, and requires nine Computer Science courses as well as a significant mathematics foundation. The degree in Cybersecurity Management prepares graduates to work in a more technical role, as well as understanding the broader implications of an organization’s cybersecurity policy. Smaller companies in particular need experts who can provide the full range of managing cybersecurity policy.

The Cybersecurity Management degree readies graduates to work in a variety of cybersecurity jobs:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Vulnerability Analyst/Penetration Tester
  • Network Security Architect
  • Cybersecurity Manager/Administrator
  • Cybersecurity Consultant

Cybersecurity Management Requirements

UCA Core (38 hours)
The following required courses in the major may be taken as part of the lower-division UCA Core.
ECON 2310 Global Environment of Business
ECON 2320 Macroeconomics
MGMT 2301 Business Communications
PSCI 1330 US Government & Politics

Business Requirements (15 hours)
ACCT 2310 Accounting I
ECON 2321 Microeconomics
MIS 3321 Managing Systems & Technology
FINA 3330 Managing Finance & Capital
MGMT 3340 Managing People and Work

Math/BS Requirement (6 hours)
QMTH 2330/MATH 2311 Business Statistics
MATH 1395 Applied Mathematics for Business (or higher)

Technology Requirement (28 hours)
CSCI 1470 Computer Science I
CSEC 2300 Introduction to Cybersecurity
CSEC 3320 Computer Forensics
MIS 3328 Systems Analysis & Design
MIS 3363 Networking I or CSCI 2335 Networking
MIS 3365 Database Applications
MIS 4360 Information Security
MIS 4363 Networking II
One upper division MIS elective course (3 hours)

Strategy & Management Requirement (21 hours)
PSCI 2300 International Relations
PSCI 3316 Cybersecurity Law & Policy
PSCI 3369 Cybersecurity Citizenship
MGMT 3305 Business Ethics
MIS 4361 Cybersecurity Governance & Policy
MIS 4375 Cybersecurity Strategy & Management
MIS 4355 Project Management