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Computer Information Systems (BBA)

Computer Information Systems combines the business profession with modern computer technology. CIS graduates are prepared to work in many capacities, depending on desire and the courses chosen. Graduates work as developers (programmers), database or network administrators, analysts of all kinds, security experts, project managers, and other roles that combine business with technology. The CIS major is flexible in that graduates may pursue a wide variety of different career paths.
The BBA in Computer Information Systems is a business degree that includes many technology courses. There are two paths to this degree. The first is the traditional CIS degree, which is more focused on technology, especially hardware and software. This path permits students a wide range of options, depending on what they may be interested. The elective choices allow students to focus on programming (development), networking, web design, database technologies, and other applications. The second path is the Business Analysis Concentration, which focuses on data analytics, or using data to help managers make wiser decisions. There are multiple courses and focus areas for students to choose from, including data visualization, data mining, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and using Python for analytics. Either of these two paths provides entry into a rewarding career in IT and helping business organizations prosper.
The BBA in Computer Information Systems consists of fulfilling the UCA Core (general education requirements), Business Foundation (30 hours–9 hours which may count as UCA Core courses), and the Business Core, which includes 18 hours, a capstone, and the first course in five different business disciplines. It also includes 24 hours of MIS courses. For both the traditional path and the Business Analysis Concentration, there are four required Core courses:

Core Courses (12 hours)
MIS 3300 Introduction to Computer Architecture and Programming
MIS 3328 Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 3365 Database Applications
MIS 4355 Project Management
CIS majors must choose either the traditional path or the Business Analysis Concentration. In addition to the required Core course, an additional four courses (12 hours) is required.


In addition to the required Core courses (12 hours), take the following:

Take the following (3 hours)
MIS 3363 Telecommunications and Networking I OR
CSCI 2335 Networking*

Choose two of the following courses (6 hours)
MIS 3301 Programming in Cobol I
MIS 3339 Programming in Java I
MIS 3362 Programming in Visual Basic I
MIS 3366 Website Development
MIS 4329 Database Management Systems
MIS 4339 Programming in Java II
MIS 4360 Principles of Information Security
MIS 4361 Cybersecurity Governance and Policy
MIS 4363 Telecommunications and Networking II
MIS 4364 Computer and Network Security
MIS 4366 E-Commerce and Advanced Website Development
MIS 4370 Cybersecurity Strategy and Management
MIS 4390 Special Projects in Information Systems

Choose one elective (3 hours)
Choose any advanced MIS course (3000/4000) level OR ACCT 3320 Accounting Information Systems

*Students who take CSCI 2335 must take an additional upper-division MIS elective course (could be MIS 3363 or any other UD MIS course)


In addition to the required Core courses (12 hours), take the following:

Take three of the following (9 hours)
MIS 3335 Data Analysis using Python
MIS 3343 Advanced Spreadsheets
MIS 4320 Critical Thinking & Experimental Design
MIS 4325 Predictive Analytics
MIS 4330 Prescriptive Analytics
MIS 4380 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
MIS 4381 Data Mining and Applied Analytics

Choose one elective (3 hours)
Choose any advanced MIS course (3000/4000) level OR ACCT 3320 Accounting Information Systems