Applied Data Analytics (BS)

The BS-Applied Data Analytics is a technical degree that prepares graduates for employment in the rapidly growing world of using data for strategic benefit. As business organizations collect more and more data, the ability to sift through it to inform and influence decisions is increasingly critical for success. Data analytics includes areas such as data collection and preparation, descriptive analytics (data visualization), predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and data mining. Some of the crucial skills include statistics, data management (including SQL), Python, R, and various data mining software applications.

This program provides foundational knowledge in all of these areas and includes skill development in each. A graduate is well-prepared to enter the workforce as a professional analyst. The program requires 120 credit hours, including UCA Core courses. The other requirements for the Applied Data Analytics degree follow.

Business/Math required courses (36 hours)
MIS 1300 Business Computing
ACCT 2310 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 2321 Legal Environment of Business
ECON 2310* Global Environment of Business
ECON 2320* Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2321 Principles of Microeconomics
MATH 1395 Applied Mathematics for Business
QMTH 2330 Business Statistics
MGMT 2301* Business Communications
MGMT 3340 Managing People and Work
FINA 3330 Managing Finance & Capital
MKTG 3350 Principles of Marketing OR MGMT 3344 Operations & Supply Chain Management

*These courses can also count as part of the 38-hour lower-division UCA Core requirement.

Data Analytics/Technical courses (42 credit hours)
MIS 3300 Introduction to Computer Architecture and Programming
MIS 3321 Managing Systems and Technology
MIS 3328 Systems Analysis & Design
MIS 3335 Python for Data Analytics
MIS 3343 Advanced Spreadsheets
MIS 3365 Database Applications
MIS 4320 Critical Thinking & Experimental Design
MIS 4325 Predictive Analytics
MIS 4330 Prescriptive Analytics
MIS 4380 Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
MIS 4381 Data Mining & Applied Analytics
MIS 4355 Project Management
MIS 3382 Internship in MIS* OR any upper-division MIS course OR WRTG 3310 Technical Writing
ECON 3335 Econometrics OR MKTG 4353 Marketing Research & Data Management

*Internship must be in data analytics and approved by the Chair.