Walk Audit

We are currently seeking interested communities to participate in a walk audit to be held in spring or summer 2021. You can apply on behalf of your community by filling out the form below by January 29, 2021.

Follow this link to fill out the CCED Walk Audit application.

Our partners at Crafton Tull will conduct an interactive walk audit with community leaders of the selected community to develop place-making concepts and solutions for circulation (vehicular, pedestrian and bike), parking, universal access, low impact development concepts, way-finding, beautification, and community character improvement. The walk audit will include one full day of one-on-one interaction and assessment of a 3×3 block area of your community.

Experts at Crafton Tull will also share a presentation with the community that will focus on accessibility in the built environment to the walk audit attendees. The presentation will discuss best practice site planning methods with respect to complete streets, accessible parking, crosswalks, sidewalks, trails, and other circulation facilities. The session will leave time for questions and answers on specific design considerations in the walk audit location.

Finally, Crafton Tull will generate a brief summary and share it with community leaders.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact Shelby Fiegel at sfiegel@uca.edu or by calling (501) 450-5269.