Exploring Searcy County

Searcy County, Arkansas claims to be “Your Authentic Ozark Family Playground,” and after our team at the Center for Community and Economic Development got the grand tour of the county by Chamber of Commerce board member and citizen Bob King, we can affirm that statement is true! Searcy County is a genuine diamond in the rough and a bright spot for Arkansas. The county is filled to the brim with breathtaking natural amenities, one-of-a-kind eateries, picturesque downtowns, and good ole southern charm.

Some of Searcy County’s assets (and our favorite spots) include:

  • Buffalo River – Tyler Bend is the closest access point to the Buffalo River for central Arkansas.
  • Chocolate Rolls – some people also claim Searcy County as the chocolate roll capitol of the world; chocolate rolls are an Arkansas original and you haven’t lived until you have tried one out.
  • Coursey’s Smoked Meats – confirmed by multiple sources as the “best bacon in the world.”
  • Dogwood Hills Guest Farm – a unique, hands on farm experience for all ages.
  • Downtown Leslie and downtown Marshall – stunning architecture, plenty of local mom and pop shops and the walkability factor is a big plus.
  • Kenda Drive-In – an old school, authentic drive-in movie theater showcasing the classics and new releases, plus special family friendly events.
  • Tyler Bend Campground – provides camping spots, river access, a pavilion and amphitheater.
  • Serenity Farm Bread – an oldworld bakery that uses ancient techniques perfected in Europe over the centuries to make naturally leavened bread, AKA a real “only in Arkansas” shop.
  • Skylark Cafe – a “hidden gem” in Leslie offering up light meals and heavy desserts that is sure to make you go, “Mmmmmm mmmmmm good!”
  • Ratchford Farms – a working Buffalo Ranch you can tour and buy locally sourced exotic meats and other retail items.
  • Ryan’s Main Street Grill – a hole in the wall restaurant serving up good food (excellent steaks) and the only place in the county you can have an adult drink with your meal.
  • … and so much more! You can view pictures of some spots along our tour here.

After our driving tour, we sat down with the local Tourism Development Committee at the Skylark Cafe to conduct an informal SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) assessment. During this discussion we took account of the county’s assets and shared what we thought were possible “next steps” for the county to explore.

Our team looks forward to working with Searcy County in the future!

Is your community interested in having our team come to your community to host a driving tour and strategic planning session? Contact us at cced@uca.edu for more information.