Our State is Freer Than Yours: How State Constitutions Protect Individual Rights

By Caleb Taylor What are the differences between state and federal constitutional law? How do lawyers use state constitutions to protect their clients? How do state laws differ from those at the federal level in protecting individual rights? Come learn the answers to these questions and more from Institute for Justice Senior Attorney Justin Pearson […]

REAL Econ For All

By Caleb Taylor Are you a teacher still needing professional development this summer? Are you looking for resources to prepare you for the unique challenges the upcoming school year will bring? The Relevant, Engaging, Activity-Based Learning (REAL) Conference hosted annually by Economics Arkansas is going virtual this year, and bringing together speakers from around Arkansas […]

ACRE Experts To Speak At REAL Econ for All Conference

By Caleb Taylor How do poor countries become rich countries? What can we learn about economics by thinking in terms of time instead of money? Answers to these questions and more will be the topics of presentations by ACRE experts at the REAL Econ for All Conference hosted by Economics Arkansas on July 18th and […]