ACRE Cubs Program for Biz@Bear Students

The ACRE Cubs program is an interdisciplinary, business focused extra curricular program.

It includes a multi-week reading group plus opportunities for leadership, academic development, and understanding data in the news.

ACRE Cubs will attend all reading group sessions and at least 4 additional events per semester. Eligible students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a $400 scholarship. Dr. Louisa Moseley and Dr. Tom Courtway will co-lead the Fall 2021 ACRE Cubs program.

This program is solely reserved for freshman Biz@Bear students. 


In the Biz@Bear reading group students meet weekly to discuss real world business challenges with College of Business faculty.

Topics might include:

  • Campus Free Speech Rights
  • The Challenges of Government Economic Development Policies
  • Telecommuting and the Gig Economy
  • Equality in the Workplace: A Supreme Court Decision
  • The Internet of Things
  • Risk Management & Expanding Marijuana Use

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 If you have questions about this program or other ACRE programs, please contact Zachary Burt at

This program is cosponsored by the Biz@Bear Residential Hall College and the
Arkansas Center for Research in Economics.