MAcc Coursework & Electives

Master of Accountancy in 10 Courses

The MAcc program requires students to complete 10 courses (30 hours). Students who attend full-time can complete the MAcc in one year (fall, spring, and summer), and the program can be started in any semester. The required and elective courses are described below. Course descriptions for MAcc courses can be found in the Graduate Bulletin. All UCA MAcc graduates are CPA eligible in the State of Arkansas (assuming you have chosen the correct electives).

6 Required Courses
(18 hours)
Tax Research and Planning
ACCT 6309
Seminar in Accounting Theory
ACCT 6310
 Graduate Seminar in Auditing
ACCT 6317
Seminar in Acct Info Systems
ACCT 6320
Seminar in Case Studies in Acct
ACCT 6340
 Seminar in Acct Leadership
ACCT 6350


3 Possibly* Required Courses
(0-9 hours)
Advanced Accounting
ACCT 5312
Advanced Taxation
ACCT 5316
Govt & Not-for-profit Accounting
ACCT 6304

*If an equivalent undergraduate
course was not taken

Electives to make 10 courses
(3-12 hours)
Select from these courses:

  • ACCT 5322 Advanced Business Law for Accountants
  • ACCT 6319 Corporations and Shareholder Taxation
  • ACCT 6329 Partnership/S-Corporation Tax
  • ACCT 6339 Estate & Gift Taxation
  • ACCT 6382 Internship in Accounting
  • ACCT 6390 Special Problems in Accounting
  • CISA 5320 Critical Thinking
  • CISA 5330 Prescriptive Analytics
  • CISA 5355 Project Management Leadership*
  • CISA 5360 Principles of Information Security*
  • CISA 5379 Data Visualization
  • CISA 5380 Business Intelligence and Data Visualization
  • CISA 5381 Data Mining and Applied Analytics
  • CISA 6325 Predictive Analytics
  • CISA 6335 Python for Data Analytics
  • CISA 6340 Simulation and Modeling in Data Analytics
  • CISA 6364 SQL for Data Analytics
  • CISA 6365 Data Management
  • CISA 6V71 Special Topics in Data Analytics
  • CISA 6383 Data Mining II
  • MBA 5332 Investments
  • MBA 5333 International Finance
  • MBA 5334 Financial Derivatives
  • MBA 5361 Principles Of Information Security
  • MBA 5376 Entrepreneurial And Small Business Finance
  • MBA 6301 Information Technology For Managers
  • MBA 6303 Managerial Economics
  • MBA 6305 Financial Decision Making
  • MBA 6307 Entrepreneurship: The Act Of Wealth Creation
  • MBA 6320 Strategic Management
  • MBA 6325 Organizational Behavior
  • MBA 6330 Operations Management
  • MBA 6349 Management of Small And Family-Owned Businesses


MAcc + Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

MAcc student may elect to get a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics (GCD) while they get their MAcc. You will have to take CIS 5320 plus 3 additional CISA courses from the list above (not including those marked with an asterisk). The total number of courses is 6 required MAcc courses + 4 GCDA courses + any of the possibly required courses (minimum of 10; maximum of 13). [Note: The GCDA curriculum for student who begin prior to Fall 2023 is CISA 5380, 5381, plus two CISA electives.]

Course Delivery (Can I get a MAcc fully online?)

Five of the 10 classes required for the MAcc are hybrid, meaning they meet one night a week in person and one night a week is online. A full-time student would be on campus one or two nights a week. The remaining classes can be taken online depending on the courses you select. For more information on course delivery and timing, visit our Accounting Course Delivery page.