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Hello and welcome to the newly designed Bears All Alumni E-Newsletter! It is my pleasure to introduce this interactive format which will hopefully encourage exploration throughout our website. While the format of the newsletter has changed, the purpose has not. We are still going to highlight the many accomplishments of our students, faculty, alumni, fieldwork program, and community partners from 2015.
Our biggest achievement in 2015 was receiving a full 10 year accreditation! The faculty would like to thank the many students, alumni, fieldwork educators, and employers who provided feedback and supported us during this process. As many of you know, our curriculum changed to an entry-level master’s program in 2013 and we had our first graduates of that program in December. I am continuously impressed as I see the faculty’s innovation and the students’ initiative work in tandem to make this program successful.
Another point of particular interest last year was the emphasis our department placed on inter-professional education. We really saw the entire College of Health and Behavioral Sciences come together to support the goal of increasing inter-professional partnerships across many programs including physical therapy, communication science disorders, nursing, health science, family and consumer sciences, psychology, and sport and exercise science. A wonderful example of this came through the Interprofessional Education Day held on campus last spring, where students from each discipline worked together on a case study. These types of activities prepare our students to learn about, respect, and collaborate with other health care professionals as they will upon graduation.
Our list of achievements goes on as we consider the expansion of our fieldwork program, the number of presentations given by our faculty and students, and the achievements of our alumni. In 2015, we formed 15 new fieldwork site partnerships, celebrated the awarding of a doctoral scholarship to one of our faculty members, and applauded the dedication to community programming by our Alumni.
We greatly value you as alumni, and want to communicate our sincere desire to have you involved with growing our chapter of the UCA alumni association. Mark your calendars for Homecoming 2016, where we will be kicking off a revolutionized alumni network. More information regarding these developments will be coming soon!
Finally, you will see below this introduction   OT Bears All logo    named for each section of the Bears All Alumni E-Newsletter. These links will navigate you to various webpages where you will notice the “2016 Newsletter emblem”. We’ve placed an example of this emblem below so that you know what you’re looking for! Once you see the “2016 Newsletter emblem” on each page, click on it, and it will reveal the associated highlights from our Newsletter.
Enthusiastically, we look ahead to 2016 and the high points that are sure to follow this year’s suit. Thank you for all that you do, and we wish you a successful year.


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Jennifer Moore, PhD, OTR, FAOTA
Department Chair and Associate Professor

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