Doctoral Capstone

The capstone is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students completing the occupational therapy program at the University of Central Arkansas. Capstone projects are designed to encourage students to think critically and solve challenging problems. These student-led projects include activities such as conducting novel research, program development, advanced clinical practice, education, advocacy and much more.

Occupational therapy students who have completed the program at the University of Central Arkansas have left their mark across the state of Arkansas, the United States and around the globe. These capstone projects are yet another example of why we say at UCA: Go here. Go Anywhere.

UCA Capstone Students Are Making a Difference Around the World

To explore all of the places where UCA OTD students are leaving their mark, click on the link below. Each capstone project will be represented by a pin on the map and identifies the name of the student, his or her graduating cohort, along with the project title of the completed capstone project. Prospective students to the program are encouraged to investigate previously completed capstone projects and generate ideas on how they might leave their mark.

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Capstone Abstracts

The following is a list of abstracts of completed capstone projects that offer a synopsis and more details of the work of students who are represented on the map. Click on any of the images by cohort to see a complete list of abstracts for each respective cohort.

Capstone Manual

Students enrolled in the program can find all information related to the capstone in the University of Central Arkansas Doctoral Capstone Manual by accessing the link below. The document includes an introduction to the capstone project, description of capstone committee members, capstone course descriptions and timeline of the project. Additionally, the manual serves as a resource for policies related to the capstone as well as copies of forms required to complete the project.

Capstone Manual (Rev. January 2024)