Fall 2013 – Important Information

Academic Calendar and MAT Course Schedule:

There are several links that we feel are helpful to you which provide important, current information.


Advising meetings

One advising meeting each semester is mandatory; these meetings do allow us to share important course information with you and ensure that you are on the right track to receive licensure in your area.  Advising flags will not be removed until you attend one of these meetings.  You can monitor your program of study in the MAT program by following the course checklist and requirements at http://uca.edu/mat/files/2013/05/Program-of-Study-May-20131.pdf

  •  Fall: October 22, 6pm and October 23, 6pm – Mashburn 103


Practicum Orientation Meetings

This meeting is required for all students enrolled in practicum.  The practicum class involves ONE meeting on campus and 75 hours of documented field experience in the schools.

  • Fall: Tuesday Aug 20 OR Wednesday, Aug 21 at 6:00pm in Mashburn 103


Internship Orientation Meetings

Internship Orientation Meetings are required for everyone enrolled in MAT 6699.  This is the only time that you will be required to come to campus.  No textbook is required for internship but you will need to purchase a copy of CHALK AND WIRE from the bookstore for assessment purposes.  Chalk and Wire is required for two other MAT classes, MAT 6311 and MAT 6310.

  • Fall: Thursday, August 22 at 6 PM in Mashburn 103


Internship Placement Meeting

ONLY if you have attempted all avenues to secure a position in your licensure area will a placement be made for your internship.  An internship placement is the EXCEPTION and not recommended. Candidates should make sure that they have completed a placement package from Career Placement Office in Bernard Hall, can show experience with teaching such as substitute teaching, attended the Teacher Job Fair and have applied to various teaching positions before requesting a placement.

If a placement is still needed, the Internship Placement Meeting must be attended where more information will be shared.

  • Wednesday, October 30 at 6 PM in Mashburn 103 — For those needing Spring ’14 placement


Praxis Updates

Many of the Praxis tests are changing as of September 1, 2013. Please reference your “Welcome Back” letter sent via MAT listserv for details.


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