Bachelor of Science in Radiography

In Cooperation with Baptist Health College Little Rock and St. Vincent Systems

The Department of Health Sciences, in cooperation with Baptist Health College Little Rock and St. Vincent Health System of Little Rock, offer a Bachelor of Science in Radiography degree.  The degree requirements consists of two (2) years and sixty (60) hours of course work.  In order to receive credit toward a degree from UCA, the student must apply, be admitted to UCA, and complete the pre-requisite course work prior to selective admission into the professional curriculum in radiography.  Transfer students must complete a minimum of thirty (30) hours of on-campus work at the University of Central Arkansas, prior to selective admission into the professional curriculum in radiography.

The imaging application of X-rays parallels the development of diagnostic radiology.  Services provided range from a routine chest film to an elaborate study of one of the body systems that involves tremendously complicated and expensive equipment.  The final results of the examination represents the combined efforts of the radiologist (a physician who specializes in the use of X-rays and other radiation in diagnosis and treatment) and radiologic technologists.

Radiologic technologists work in departments with the use of modern radiographic and fluoroscopic tools; general vascular and cardiovascular units; nuclear medicine; emergency rooms; day surgery facilities; and be responsible for computerized axial tomography (CT scans) and magnetic resonance imaging, commonly called MRI.

NOTE: Applicants must possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 in all college course work to be considered eligible for the Radiography program.  Admission into an Affiliated Hospital program is on a competitive basis and is determined by the Admissions Committee at the Affiliated Hospitals.

Applicants are required to have the results of the American College Test (ACT) prior to applying to the Affiliated Hospital programs.  Baptist Health College Little Rock requires a composite score of 19 or higher and a score of 17 or higher in Math and Science on the ACT.  St. Vincent Health System requires a composite score of 19 on the ACT.

Required Courses for Bachelor of Science Degree in Radiography


Fall Semester -  15 hours Spring Semester - 16 hours
Course # Course Title Hours Course # Course Title Hours
WRTG 1310 or HONC 1310 Intro to College Writing 3 WRTG 1320 or HONC 1320 Academic Writing and Research 3
MATH 1390 College Algebra or above 3 ENGL 2305 or 2306 *World Literature I or II 3
SPCH 1300 Basic Oral Communication 3 PSYC 1300 General Psychology 3
HIST 1310 or 1320 *World History I or II 3 BIOL 1400 or 1440 General Biology or Principles of Biology 4
KPED/HED 1320 Lifetime Health & Fitness 3 Elective (4)Social Science 3
Fall Semester -  16 hours Spring Semester -  17 hours
Course # Course Title Hours Course # Course Title Hours
BIOL 2406 Structure and Function 1 4 PHYS 1405 Applied Physics 4
CSCI 1300 or MIS 2343  Computers 3 PSYC 3360 or 4320 Social Psychology or Abnormal Psychology -- upper division 3
Elective (5)World Culture Traditions 3 Elective (2)Fine Arts 3
PSCI 1330 or HIST 2301 or 2302 3 Elective (3)upper division 3
Elective (1)Humanities 3 BIOL 2407 Structure and Function 2 4

The remaining hours will be completed either through Baptist Medical Center or St. Vincent Health Systems.