Course Checklist

Master of Science Degree in Health Sciences (2013-2014)

I.          Non-Thesis Option (Thirty-six hours)

A.        Health Education Core Courses - 18 hours

____    H ED 5370      Administration of Health Programs

____    H ED 6321      Foundations in Health Education*

____    H ED 6331      Advanced Program Planning and Evaluation

____    H ED 6361      Epidemiology in Health Education

____    H SC 6379      Research in Health Sciences*

____    H SC 6330      Biostatistics for Public Health or ____    KPED 6316    Data Analysis

B.        Elective hours (18) are to be selected with the approval of the graduate advisor.  They include nine (9) to twelve (12) hours of electives within the department and six (6) to nine (9) hours in courses from departments outside of Health Sciences.

____    H ED   5301    Health Education in the Medical Care Setting

____    H ED   5302    Health Education in the Worksite

____    H ED   5303    Environmental Health Problems

____    H ED   5305    Technology Applications in Health Education

____    H ED   5306    Health Literacy

____    H ED   5310    Health Concerns of Aging

____    H ED   5320    Health Promotion Interventions

____    H ED   5343    Health Strategies for Multicultural Populations

____    H ED   5365    Field Experience in Health Education or ____    H ED 5665 Field Experience in Health Ed

____    H ED   6310    Health Education Curriculum and Instruction

____    H ED   6311    Health Appraisal of School Children

____    H SC   6335    Grant Writing

____    H ED   6345    Drug Education and Prevention

____    H ED   6350    Contemporary Health Problems

____    H ED   6353    Issues and Research in Sexuality

____    H ED   6354    Issues and Trends in Women's Health

____    H ED   6360    International Health

____    H ED   6361    Health LIteracy

____    H ED   6371    Directed Independent Study


If you have a teaching certification, one of the following courses may be chosen:

____    H ED   5350    Health Education in Elementary Schools

____    H ED   5352    Health Education in Secondary Schools

II. Thesis Option (Thirty-three hours)

A.        Health Education Core Courses - 18 hours (same as non-thesis program

B.        Thesis Research in Health Education - 6 hours

____    H ED   6380    Thesis Research I

____    H ED   6390    Thesis Research II

C.        Electives (9 hours from the elective courses shown above) selected with the approval of the graduate advisor

*Students are to take these courses the first semester offered.

Students who have completed the Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education at UCA will not retake classes they have had at the 4000 level if they are also offered at the 5000 level in the graduate program.  A maximum of 9 hours from other Departments on the UCA campus may be taken with approval of the graduate advisor.

All other students who enroll in the program will take all courses from the list provided above.

Note:  Students must take a minimum of 7 courses of the 12 required in the program through UCA faculty. Also, at least half of the courses in the program must be 6000 level.


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