Frequently Asked Questions – General

Who do I talk to about VA benefits? 

You may contact us at the UCA Veteran Resource Center and ask for our Certifying Official, Greg Pelts at (501) 852 – 2999

How long am I eligible for VA education benefits? 

  • Ch.30: 10 years from your last day of active duty time
  • Ch.33: Those that got out of service before 2013 will be able to obtain the education benefit for 15 years. If you got out of service after 2013 you qualify under the Forever Military Benefit (Harry Colmery Act).
  • Ch.35: The dependent of the 100% T&P Veteran has a max of 8 years if received before their 26th birthday. Spouses have a max of 10 years.
  • Ch.31: VR&E has 12-year eligibility from their disability rating percentage date.
  • Ch.1606: Service members have 36 months to use for financial assistance towards college during your 6 – year enlistment while in National Guard or Reserves.

How many credit hours are required for VA benefits?

To receive the full amount of payments according to your rating or contribution to your education benefits, you will need 12 credit hours (4 classes) to be deemed full -time through the VA. 

What else do I need in addition to my Education Benefits Application?

When you complete the application to claim your benefit, you will need to see UCA’s Certifying Official. If you are not able to meet in person, you may fill out the Enrollment Certification Form through our website. We highly recommend that you speak with the Certifying Official in our UCA Veteran Resource Center. You will need to have your Concise Student Schedule and Certificate of Eligibility on hand when meeting with us to continue to apply through the Enrollment Certification Form. This form will be sent through our system to the VA for you to begin receiving your funding for the semester. This is a recurring process that the student is responsible to do every semester. If not done each semester, the student will not receive funding in an adequate amount of time.

How do Veterans and Active Duty Service Members get college credit for Military Training? 

Your JST military transcript and Air Force CCAF transcripts once you have submitted them to UCA. It will be evaluated based on your major and minor accordingly. 

How do I get my Air Force Transcripts?

You may use the following link, which provides access to a fillable .pdf that may be turned in requesting your Air Force Transcripts:

Are there military scholarships?

Yes. The University of Central Arkansas is proud to have two scholarships available:

When can I expect payment from my VA education benefits? 

Once you have completed all required documents and your Certifying Official has submitted your paperwork, please wait 30 days after you receive your email from VA – ONCE. This email confirms that you have done all the necessary paperwork to obtain your education benefits for the select term. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Post 9/11 (Ch.33)

What is the Post 9/11 Benefit?

This education benefit is for members who have served on active duty after September 10, 2001. If you meet at least one of the requirements listed in the next question, you are eligible for tuition and fees to be paid for as well as receiving a book stipend for the year to assist with required materials for classes as well as a housing stipend that is deposited each month during the semester to also assist with living and/or other necessities. The amount may vary depending on your rating

Am I eligible for Post – 9/11 Benefits? 

If you’ve served on active duty after September 10, 2001, you may qualify for this benefit (Chapter 33). You may be eligible for Chapter 33 if you meet at least one of the requirements listed below: 

  • Served at least 90 consecutive days on active duty, or
  • Received a Purple Heart on or after September 11, 2001, and were honorably discharged after any amount of service, or
  • Served for at least 30 consecutive days on or after September 11, 2001, and were honorably discharged with a service-connected disability, or
  • Are a dependent child using benefits transferred by a qualifying Veteran or service member

If I am eligible for Chapter 30, am I also eligible for the Post – 9/11 Benefit? 

Yes, you can be, however, it will depend on when you enlisted, for you to find the correct answer to this question, you must call the number provided below:

  • VA Regional Office: +1 (888) 442-4551.

If I am eligible for the Post 9/11 Benefit, how much will I receive? 

Post 9/11 consists of payments towards tuition and fees, books, and a housing stipend during the months you are participating in classes. The amount varies depending on your rating and choice of institution. You can find out the percentage of benefits by calling the VA or apply for the benefit through www.va.gov. The application (as a service member it is Form: 22-1990 or as a dependent it is Form: 22-1990E) will claim the benefit and send you a Certificate of Eligibility that will indicate if you are eligible and the amount you are eligible for. For more assistance to claim your benefit, please visit our instructional guide How to start your Military Benefits.

How much will I get in a housing stipend as a veteran? 

This amount is dependent on the zip code of the institution and your percentage for Post 9/11. You can see this amount when you receive your Certificate of Eligibility. If you want to be aware of this amount before the arrival of your Certificate of Eligibility, you can contact the UCA Certifying Official. 

How much will I get in VA Benefits to pay for my books?

If you are rated 100% under the Post 9/11 Benefit, you will receive a $1000 book stipend for the school year. If you take 12 credit hours for the Fall semester, you will receive $500. If you take over or less than 12 credits for the semester, the amount will be adjusted based on per credit hour. However, if the amount is higher, you will subtract the amount you received by $1000 which will be the remaining amount you will have for your Spring semester (ex. $1000 – $600 = $400 remaining). You may adjust the $1000 based on your percentage rating (ex. 90% = $900, %80 =  $800 and so on). 

When will I receive my Post – 9/11 Benefit book stipend? 

Once you have gone through the application process to claim your benefit as well as speaking with your Certifying Official at UCA and turning in required documents, you will receive a VA – ONCE confirmation email through your school email. When you receive this email, please wait up to 30 days for the processing to go through. Once processing is complete, you may receive your book stipend for the number of hours you are taking that semester. If any complications please call the following number:

  • VA Regional Office: +1 (888) 442-4551.

Does The University of Central Arkansas participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program? 

We do not participate in this program due to our institution being affordable for all military benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions – VR&E Program (CH. 31)

What are the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program? 

The VR&E program is authorized by Congress under Title 38 of the United States Code, Chapter 31. It is sometimes referred to as the Chapter 31 program. VR&E helps Veterans and Service members with service-connected disabilities and an employment handicap prepares for, obtain, and maintain suitable careers.

What services are provided by the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program? 

VA’s Education and Career Counseling program is a great opportunity for Veterans and Service members to get personalized counseling and support to help guide their career paths, ensure the most effective use of their VA benefits, and achieve their goals.

How do I use Veteran Readiness and Employment (Chapter 31) benefits and services? 

You may receive Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) (Formerly known as Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment) services to help with job training, employment accommodations, resume development, and job-seeking skills coaching.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our office at (501) 852-2999 to speak with the Certifying Official or a student Work Study.