The National Guard Tuition Waiver or NGTW is an education benefit for current service members in the Army National Guard or the Air National Guard. The NGTW may be used in conjunction with a National Guard Soldier’s Chapter 1606, Montgomery GI Bill. Specific eligibility requirements can be found here:


What you need to do: 

The application period is 90 days long; 60 days prior to the start of the semester and 30 days after the start of the semester. Applications must be submitted each semester. For more information and to access the application, visit:

Applications must be submitted to the following email address: 

Air National Guard applicants must submit an NGTW application with Commander’s Letter of Good Standing through their Wing Headquarters. 

Please feel free to contact Mrs. O’Connell if you have any questions.

Bridgette O’Connell, CIV


Education Assistant


DSN 962-4045

Fax 212-4196