Degree Works Transfer Equivalency

Are you a prospective transfer or returning student and want to know how your completed credit hours will apply toward your degree at UCA?  We can help with that!  Just watch this short video tutorial and follow these steps (please note – this will provide an unofficial summary):

1) Create a free account here

  • It is strongly recommended you create an account so that your results will be saved
  • Use an email address and password you will easily remember for future use
  • Caution – this program does not have a password recovery feature

2) Tell us about your plans:

  • Term you plan to enroll at UCA
  • Intended level (undergraduate only)
  • Degree you plan to pursue (please use our Academic Program Guide below to ensure proper selection)
    • This step is critical if you want to receive accurate information
    • Review our Academic Program Guide 2023-2024 to find your intended major
    • Select the correct degree for your intended major (i.e. BA, BBA, BFA, BS, BSE, etc.)
  • Intended major
  • Concentration/Track/Emphasis (if applicable to your intended major)
  • Minor (if required for your intended major)

3) Add your previously completed classes:


  • Search for the institution you attended
  • Enter the name of your first course an add it to your transfer work
  • Once you’ve selected a course, enter the term you completed the course
  • Enter the credit hours earned
  • Indicate the grade you earned
  • Choose whether it was a full semester course or a quarter-semester course
  • Select “Proceed” to add this to your transfer work record
  • Repeat this process for all courses you’ve completed prior to UCA


  • Select the type of test you’ve completed
  • Enter your test score and test date
  • Select “Done” to successfully add to your transfer work

4)  Review your unofficial degree evaluation for UCA

  • Once all classes have been entered, select “I’m all done!” to process your degree audit
  • This is an unofficial summary you can download as a pdf
  • You may log back into your account to add classes at any time
  • In order to receive an official summary, you must apply for admission and submit all required documentation

Additional Resources

  • If you would like to see how an individual course from your institution would transfer to UCA, visit our Transfer Course Equivalency Guide
  • If you would like to learn more about how UCA awards credit for AP, CLEP, DSST and/or IB exams, visit here (see Section 9 – “Credit by Examination”)
  • Questions?  Contact us at (501) 852-2785 or