UCA Glossary

A-MAPs – an eight-semester plan for every degree. Find these online at uca.edu.

Academic Standing – your overall academic status at UCA. “Good” academic standing means your GPA is a 2.0 or above. Below a 2.0, you will be placed on Academic Alert, Academic Probation, or Academic Suspension.

Blackboard – UCA’s learning management system (think Google Classroom, but not).

The Bulletin – The Undergraduate Bulletin lists all degree programs and courses.

GPA – Grade Point Average. Your cumulative GPA includes all grades earned at UCA. Your semester GPA includes just grades earned during a specific semester.

Holds – these are placed on your student record to provide you with information about possible restrictions to college services.

myUCA – UCA’s online student portal. Log in through uca.edu and find your account information, course information, and everything about UCA.

RSOs – Recognized Student Organizations. UCA has nearly 200 of these. Find them through OrgSync on myUCA.

Semester – An academic term. At UCA these include Fall (Aug-Dec), Spring (Jan-May), and Summer (I and II). UCA also has a three-week “May Intersession.”

UCA Core – Required courses for all undergraduate degrees. Others call this “general education.”

Undergraduate – a student working on a two-year Associates Degree (AA) or a four-year Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS, BFA).