Early Alerts and Progress Reports

How to Issue an “Early” Academic Assistance Alert

Faculty or staff can issue an Academic Assistance Alert on any student at any time throughout the year through Navigate.  Alerts should be issued in cases in which a student has had excessive absences, is struggling academically in a course, needs a referral to academic or other support, should consider withdrawing from a course, or the faculty or staff member believes an intervention by the student’s Academic Advisor or the campus Care Team is warranted.

For more information on How to Issue an Alert for a Student, follow the link.

Questions about Alerts or Navigate? Contact Shelly Vangsnes at navigate@uca.edu.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are a useful way to help students know early on in a semester if they are not meeting the goals and objectives of a course. Whereas systems that utilize mid-term grade reporting only identify a student’s grade as of mid-semester, Progress Reports ask about a student’s overall performance in the class and academic progress early in the term. Ideally, providing this information before the semester’s mid-point enables our students to seek assistance in time to achieve a positive outcome.

UCA asks faculty to complete Progress Reports each semester for students who:

  • have completed fewer than 45 credit hours at UCA
  • are first-year transfer students
  • are on Academic Probation
  • are in the UCAN Program
  • are student-athletes

As part of the Progress Report, faculty are asked to indicate which students might be “at-risk” of not passing the course based on academic behaviors and performance as of the reporting date and who could benefit from intervention and assistance.  This may be different for each course based on grading criteria, attendance policies, and other guidelines.

Faculty are sent a request to complete the reports through Navigate from Student Success, with the due date falling ten days before the beginning of second-half semester classes.

Progress Report Dates and Process: 

  • Progress Reports open for faculty submission on the Friday of the 4th full week of classes
  • Reports must be submitted by the Monday of the sixth week of classes
  • Students will be notified by email of each report issued throughout the submission period
  • Students may view instructor comments through Navigate
  • Please refer to the posted Academic Calendar for specific dates each semester

Follow-Up Process (Case Management):

When a student is marked “at-risk” for Academic Performance, the advisor is notified that an alert has been issued, and a “case” is opened for the student in Navigate.

  • Students who receive two or more alerts are notified of this by advisors and asked to schedule an appointment during the week after Progress Reporting. In this appointment, the advisor discusses any issues faculty include in their comments, discusses student challenges, and helps the student determine the next course of action.

  • Students for whom an Academic Performance alert is issued in UCA Core math and science courses will receive information from Tutoring Services about one-on-one tutoring and group tutoring options.

  • First-year students who receive an alert for attendance purposes will be contacted by peer success coaches and (in the Fall) receive a letter at their permanent address from Student Success that reviews the importance of class attendance and engagement.

Advising and Student Success will use the “case” file in Navigate to note their contact with the student any suggestions and recommendations that they make, and will close the case when they are finished. The intention is to contact each student identified as needing academic assistance and provide appropriate interventions.

Faculty will receive an email notification when a case is closed that indicates the general outcome.  Faculty or staff can also find more detailed follow-up reports in Navigate on the student’s account under “History.”

Faculty: for more information on How to complete a progress report, follow the link.

Questions about Progress Reports or Navigate? Contact Shelly Vangsnes at navigate@uca.edu.